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New, improved, much fuller.

HowTo: Install MediaWiki on a GoDaddy Value Plan

I like to think of GoDaddy as the McBurgers of hosting and domains - they're huge, they're everywhere, they're relatively cheap, and they're utterly consistent. Just don't ask for anything that's not on the menu. Fortunately, MediaWiki fits with just a little trim...


HowTo: Create a Boot-From-CD Browser Kiosk with Firefox and SLAX Linux (Updated)

I needed to turn an old PC into a cheap, dedicated, browser appliance. The cleanest choice is a Linux/Firefox boot-from-CD; the hardware demands are minimal, and it's impossible for users to make any permanent changes. After a little research, I decided to go with SLAX, a small and beautiful Linux operating system which fits on and runs directly from a CD-ROM disc. With the addition of Firefox 2, a Firefox kiosk mode extension module, and a little fiddling with xinitrc, I was able to create a small, clean kiosk boot CD that works on practically any PC without changing the hard disk at all.



   Mugs from Space...


Space Flight double-size wall calendar

2007 Wall Calendars

Why doesn't NASA make better use of their glorious photo resources? The official NASA wall calendar, as usual, gives the impression that the only thing they do involves manned space flight. Sure, that's what most of the bureaucracy does  - but what about all the exploration going on in other parts of the solar system? So, I decided to make my own. I've updated the 2006 calendars to show 2007's dates, but for 2007 I've also made new calendars using the new, glorious, "oversize" format which is almost twice the size.


The Apollo 17 Flight Journal

The (not the) Apollo 17 Flight Journal is back in business - new, improved, and much fuller. The site is also a showcase for how to use MediaWiki as a platform for project documentation and research.

Year in Pictures Oversize Wall Calendar 2007  

The Planetary Society Year in Pictures 2007 Calendar

"I'm pleased to announce that a reader, Eric Hartwell, has put together a lovely 2007 calendar based upon the Year in Pictures feature I posted looking back on some of the great pics from 2006. You can order it from Cafepress in either a large or a small format (the large looks better, but both are nice). I think Eric did a great job selecting the images and laying them out; the calendars are absolutely beautiful..."
-- The Planetary Society Weblog By Emily Lakdawalla - January. 31, 2007


HowTo: Use MediaWiki for Managing Apollo Transcripts
HowTo: Create a MediaWiki Extension for XML/XSL Data

As part of the research for my Apollo 17 project, I needed to prepare a definitive timeline/transcript of the mission. A proper reference needs sources identified, interpretations explained, and a revision history with audit trail. I stated to write a .NET web application with its own database, when I realized I already have a web application that does all that - MediaWiki.

This series of tech notes documents my progress in extending MediaWiki to manage a large, multipage transcript, with the contents stored as XML text - to produce the Apollo 17 Flight Journal (click the edit tab on any page to see the source).


HowTo: Build a Web Site with FrontPage, Community Server, and MediaWiki or just MediaWiki

This series of tech notes documents my progress in building a unified web portal using Community Server, MediaWiki, and static web pages - using FrontPage shared borders, style sheets, a bit of JavaScript, a bit of PHP, a bit of brute force, and even more duct tape.


HowTo: Integrate FrontPage Webs With Community Server

I wanted my web to use the Community Server 2.0 look and feel, while working within the limitations of FrontPage 2003. This tech note documents my progress using FrontPage shared borders, style sheets, a bit of JavaScript, a bit of brute force, and a roll of duct tape. The whole thing can be saved as a FrontPage Page Template.


Apollo 17 - The Blue Marble

"The Blue Marble" is one of the most widely distributed photographic images in existence. NASA officially credits the image to the entire Apollo 17 crew - "The identity of the photographer is unverifiable."

But is it really? A lot of detective work makes a strong case to identify Jack Schmitt as the photographer.

... and produces a compilation of Earth photos taken during Apollo 17's coast to the moon

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